Sew Different is still quite a new venture for me. I have been up and running for two years now. The idea for the website sprang from my love of sewing, fabrics and clothes! The fabrics and all those rolls of paper with experimental patterns were taking over my house…...so, I thought I’d share them with you!

pinning-&-measuringWhat I have always wanted is to recreate the clothes I buy from my favourite shops. And you will see on my blog that my patterns are inspired by things I have bought on the high street, or just gazed longingly at in Vogue. I am no technical expert when it comes to dressmaking, in fact I am completely self-taught. It is the “sculpture with fabric” element that attracts me – the drape and shape potential of every piece of fabric. As a seamstress, I have got better over the years. Fewer garments end up in the bin now, and some have even ended up being favourite items in my wardrobe.

dying-fabricAs with any creative person, I get side tracked  from the patterns sometimes and you will see on my blog various posts cataloguing my experiments, from fabric dying to den making.

My creative background is originally in painting – I have an honours degree in Fine Art, and I went on to work in the textiles industry as an exhibition and graphic designer. You can find my paintings and exhibitions at www.lauracasey.co.uk. As well as Sew Different, I am also currently working as an interior stylist for The Wool Room.

Sew Different is a reflection of my passion for dressmaking and it is growing really quickly. I am thrilled to now be able to offer multisize paper patterns as well as PDF downloads. I am hoping that all of my downloads will soon be available in multisizes and there are many more plans afoot for the future.

Sew Different is here to inspire you! I encourage anyone to have a go. You don’t have to have any training – all you need is a sewing machine. Don’t be too cautious and don’t use expensive fabric on your first attempt. Start experimenting and anything you’re not sure about, just look it up online. There are a million and one tutorials out there. Good luck and happy sewing!

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