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  2. Molly Carter at 10:38 am

    Have returned to dressmaking during the last two years and have not been very successful. I was a slimmer shape 30 years ago and am finding the fitting so difficult on my own and was wasting a lot of fabric. However, Laura, after Christmas I will try again with your help.
    Lovely site by the way.
    Happy Christmas, Molly

    • Laura Casey at 10:21 am

      Yes, finding shapes that suit you are key I think. Maybe use a really cheap fabric and make a toile first – then you can make alterations to the fit. I know it seems long winded, but the end results is much more satisfying. I have only come round to it after after making a million messed up garments of my own!

  3. sharron at 11:29 pm

    only just found this site, and am looking around it. The patterns seem to be fairly easy. I am just beginning to do dress making.

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