Have a look at the blog posts about the original Essential Denim Dress, Summer Style and Sewing with Denim for ideas on fabrics, styling and to see other made up versions of this garment.

The Essential Denim Dress is a multisize sewing pattern complete with fully illustrated instructions. Please choose either PAPER or DOWNLOAD pattern from the pull-down menu and add to basket.


£15 • Paper Pattern   

Our paper patterns are printed on high quality paper that can be used many times over. Please see here for our shipping costs and times

 £9 • Downloadable PDF Pattern

Our digital files can be instantly downloaded as a PDF that can be printed on your home printer. You will find your link to the pattern on both the payment acceptance page and as an email. The link is valid for 48 hours. How do downloadable patterns work?

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    • Laura Casey at 2:52 pm

      Hi Carol. This pattern was free for the first 2 years but since I have developed it into a multisize pattern I now charge for it. I’m afraid tha images still hang around Pinterest and I can’t control them once they are out there. Sorry for any disappointment. there are other free patterns if you look at the bottom of the site SHOP.

    • Laura Casey at 7:58 am

      Hi Lilian. This pattern was a free download for 2 years but, as I had so many requested, I have since graded it into a multisize pattern. I’m afraid that the “Free” adverts still kick around Pinterest and I have no way of taking them down. Sorry for any disappointment.

  2. Rae Shaw at 1:14 am

    Hi Laura, Im ready to purchase this pattern(paper) but when I click on it. It tells me for US sizes its from 4-16 then when I click on the link for details it goes up to size 22. So, exactly what size does it go to???? Because I need a size 20!
    Oh by the way, its the Essential Denim Dress, oh my goodness, I just love with this dress!!!!!
    Thanks so much,
    Rae from Missouri(US)

    • Laura Casey at 6:21 pm

      Hi Rae, whoops, we extended the range not long ago and I obviously haven’t updated the image. Yes, it does go up to a US size 22.

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