Sewing ideas, tips & FREE patterns.

Welcome fashion-loving seamstresses!

I LOVE sewing – can’t get enough of it. My house was filling up with experimental patterns on rolls of tatty paper, but I have finally got my act together and drafted them into a range of  stylish and easy sewing patterns  for you. Some are FREE PDF downloads and some are available as paper patterns – they are all inspired by my favourite high street clothes and designers. I can’t be bothered with the tricky or the fussy and have pared down the instructions to be really simple.

For every sewing pattern there is a post on the blog full of tips, styling ideas, fabric recommendations, techniques and suppliers. Don’t forget to take a look at this BEFORE you start sewing. There are also loads of other projects and ideas there too, and you can find tutorials and links to Youtube videos in the How to… section!

There is an ever growing page on where to buy fabric. It can be difficult to know what to get if you are just starting out, but I give advice on each of my posts about what kind of fabric each pattern would suit.

I would LOVE feedback and comments so let me know how your projects go, especially if they are from one of my patterns.

Happy stitching!